Artist Biography - Rob Edmondson

Rob Edmondson had a career as an art teacher for over 40 years. However since retiring in 2012, he has found the time to concentrate on his own practice.
Rob’s art is a representation of the Lancashire landscape where he lives, places he is familiar with and visits often. The focus of his art is deeply introspective, as for each piece he considerately questions the choice o
...f subject matter.
Rob constantly finds influence from the landscapes of the North West. Artists such as David Hockney and Kurt Jackson also act as a source of inspiration. The artist relishes the physical manipulation of paint and testing unusual techniques to gain suggestive effects, he finds the challenge of depicting water of particular interest.
Composition and colour are very important to Rob, with light and movement influencing the finished artwork in both clear and more subtle ways.
Rob says “Acrylic is my medium of choice, sometimes embellished with oils to give the colour extra vibrancy."

"There are so many ways to apply the media I use. I try to apply paint in the best way possible to achieve the sense of the place I am basing the work on.”
“Water is the single most valuable source of life. Water can be a film on a surface, it can be shallow, or it could be deep. Water creates and defines landscapes. Water moves and catches light. There are oceans, rivers, canals and lakes along with myriad other sources of inspiration. I have accepted the opportunity to focus on water in my art work.”

The artist attempts to create work that considers and develops the visual effects of water, through trying to understand his subject intimately. To achieve this, he takes account of the time of day, the changing weather and the season. He believes that water is a living entity, constantly shifting; water is an integral part of our environment.

Rob does not seek to create photographic paintings, rather artworks that are based on what he see. Rob's intention is to interpret what he sees in the landscapes around him, and develop art pieces that have individual life peculiar to each piece.
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