Robert Hewer artwork for sale and artist biography

Robert Hewer (b 1991) is a young artist with evident talent and a growing reputation.

After graduating with a BA in Fine Art from Bath Spa University Robert has pursued a career as an artist whilst his specialism is figurative paintings. What is evident is an intriguing hue and texture to the work which demonstrates his fascination for the medium of paint as well as the

His work predominantly focuses on the face & human figure, using their physical structure as a vehicle for his exploration in to creating form and shape with paint. What most intrigues Robert is the myriad of ways in which paint can be used to describe form, and more specifically the human form, whether it be using different mediums, layering the paint or different methods of application. In his work he is constantly searching for that balance of a subtle yet convincing depiction of the face and figure.

Whilst there is no one particular reason that drives his fascination with creating figurative and portraiture work, he says he loves how when a work is finished it can take on a personality or story of it’s own, whether intended or not. Generally in his work the aim is not to tell a story or evoke a certain emotion, but just to create an essence of someone or something and then leave the rest open to the interpretation of the viewer, allowing them to connect with this work in their own way.

Robert has been involved in numerous Exhibitions across the South of England, in London, Bath and Bridport and in 2014 won the Bath Arts Fringe Open Call
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