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Born in 1964, Robert Newton graduated from Sunderland University in 1998 with a Diploma in Fine Art.

Currently living and working in Northumberland, Robert’s work is his response to nature and the landscape. Never afraid to use colour, his work explores both composition and expression, yet always maintains his painterly approach.

Robert says "I describe my wo
...rk as ‘Painting Nature’, as a direct response to my immediate surroundings; exploring colour, composition and expression yet maintaining the very traditions of British painting. Making sketches as well as my own visual notes, I paint intuitively and expressively with bold sweeping brushstrokes that sum up whole passages of the landscape before me. Painting on location and in the studio, I often rework paintings intuitively to produce a completed work."

Rob spends considerable time in preperation for each painting, taking numerous photogrpahs and notes before finally applying brush to canvas. The notes Rob takes form an integral part of his approach to each individual piece, environmental conditions are jotted down along with his feelings at the moment his eyes capture the image.

Always seeking to depict some tangible form, the resulting works become abstract by nature, yet attempt to maintain the very traditions of a British landscape painting.

With growing popularity, Robert's work has become well collected in recent years, selling successfully in galleries throughout England and Scotland. His paintings are in private collections throughout the United Kingdom as well as in Australia and New Zealand.

Recent Solo Exhibitions

2015 Lime Tree Gallery, Long Melford

2014 Tallantyre Gallery, Morpeth

2013 Denise Yapp, Monmouth, Wales

2011 Morningside Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland
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