Roman Konigshofer artwork for sale and artist biography

Roman is a professional filmmaker and photographer from Innsbruck, Austria. Since an early age he was always fascinated by capturing images. Freezing a moment of time became his obsession.

Now he lives and breathes what he shoots and wants the viewers of his work to emotionally connect to this vision, take them on a journey and inspire them to adventure themselves. Authe
...nticity is key in his life and work.

The great outdoors has rarely looked greater than in Roman’s magnificent images. Always with a tiny figure somewhere in the landscape to remind us of humanities insignificance in the presence of Mother Nature. The drama in these works is all natural but the beauty of composition is a rare skill.

Roman is an artist and ambassador for the planet reminding us how extraordinary it is. Land artists like Richard Long defined the genre 30 years ago with his recordings of remote landscapes. Roman continues in the same vein, an artist who celebrates in the most spectacular way, the majesty of our planet.
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