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Ron Coleman specialise in painting abstract expressionist work, using colour, form, and texture to create balanced compositions. After completing 3 years on a painting course in the 90s, Ron has never looked back, as painting is his passion

He believes that his concluding abstract paintings, have their own origin in remembered landscape, journey, or destination. The pai
...nting may be a response to his feeling at some time, or a specific some situation.

The artists aims to produce art that appeals to our visual senses, balancing form and colour in a way that draws the viewer's attention, and perhaps holds their gaze for enough time to allow them to engage with the artworks surface.

Ron's painting appears loose and spontaneous, working mainly in acrylic & oils. He enjoys playing with colour and texture. The artist tries to avoid realism, and with his abstract painting, he tries to work quickly to engage a fluid and unprompted dialogue within his work.

Despite rejecting realism the artist still occasionally engages in Portraiture, using oils, which by contrast to his abstract pieces, take much longer. The Ron will return to the pieces repeatedly, but still attempts to create a ‘painterly’ result, avoiding any urge to move towards a photo-realism.

Ron states that a number of artists and movements have influenced his practice, ranging from the St. Ives abstract artists to the Scottish Colourists. However, he mainly takes inspiration from the American expressionists, as well as many contemporary British artists.
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