Roo Waterhouse artwork for sale and artist biography

Roo Waterhouse was born in 1966 and graduated from Leeds university in 2010.
Roo is a figurative artist based at Northlight Art Studios in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire. Roo likes to observe and contemplate the (extra)ordinary things of everyday life, celebrating the significance of our treasured possessions with original oil paintings. She has a fascination towards poetic
...narrative, exhibiting widely across the North of England in solo exhibitions, open exhibitions and competitions.
Her work contemplates the ordinary things of life and our nostalgic attachment to them. She paints using oils on canvas, preferring a larger-than-life scale. Roo specialises in personal commissioned 'Shelf-Portraits'.
Roo Waterhouse was a finalist in the Artist and Illustrator ‘Artist of the Year 2013’ show at The Mall Galleries, London. Her paintings are collected around the country.
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