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Award-winning contemporary artist, Rosalind Lawless was born in Glasgow in 1978 and studied Fine Art Printmaking at Gray’s School of Art in Aberdeen from 1999 to 2002. She graduated with a Masters of Fine Art Printmaking from the Royal College of Art, London in 2004. She teaches art part time, and exhibits regularly in Scotland.
Her abstract compositions consist of layers
...of silkscreen, paint and pastels and relates to architecture and space and document the history created through the process of making the work. Within the work the colours are continually overlaid, constructing with paint and print using different kinds of material; charcoal, graphite, using sources such as photocopier, drawings and photographs.
“My practice began with wanting to represent buildings and the space they inhabit. I am particularly interested in Architecture and space, Space not as container but as the contained – the solid volume of the air defined by objects: Interior space open space or a very specific space such as a corner of a room, a window blind, the gaps between one room and another the way that walls meet at the top and sides, doorways, and corridors. I continue to explore these ideas of internal and external space as a way of comprehending notions of space and documenting the imagined and observed.
I acknowledge sculpture in my work and aim to bring the outside space into my work. I work predominately with a build up of layers consisting of silkscreen, paint and pastels. This leads to scraping back and covering over until the paper or canvas becomes completely manipulated.

Colour is used in a subtle and structural way, I build up tonal variations and harmonies, and it relates to the structure, defines planes, suggests depth and contributes to overall composition."

Lawless has most recently shown in the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum. Collections include Aberdeen Art Gallery, Pallant House Gallery and Museum.
Across the years she has also won numerous awards;2002 the Royal Scottish Academy John Kinross Award;2003 the Daler Rowney Drawing Prize Royal College of Art, London; 2004 the Tim Mara Trust Award from the Royal College of Art 2005 the Joe Hargan Award Paisley Art Institute, Glasgow. 2008 the Glasgow Art Club Fellowship Award 2009 the Inverarity One to One Travel Award from the Royal Glasgow Institute of Fine Arts, where in 2013 she became elected member.
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