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Rose Blake is an illustrator and an artist. Blake studied at Kingston University and the Royal College of Art. She was awarded the Best New Blood Award and was recently shortlisted for the AOI prize and The World Illustration Awards. The artist then went on to graduate with an MA in Communication Art and Design from the Royal Academy of Art in 2011.

Her witty and bright constantly challenge the notion that the two practices must be kept separate, that an illustration cannot resonate with meaning once parted from its text accompaniment in the same way that a painting can stand alone. There are several variations within this edition, please contact us for available options.

The artists jewel-like, mixed media art explores the beauty of relationships and humanity in a engaging, sometimes amusing, sometimes elegant way. Blake grew up surrounded by the Art World, influencing the artists choice of vast museum-scapes as her subject. Blake captures the busy environment of a gallery goer. A couple exchange flowers. A child totters hand-in-hand with their parent, their droopy teddy almost lost in the movement. Each digitally-designed character contributes to the rich narrative the scene develops - all individuals with their own lives and personalities brought together by a shared love of art.

Blake lent her style to a 'simplified' version of the art history book A History of Pictures: From the Cave to the Computer Screen by painter David Hockney and critic Martin Gayford. The new, child friendly version of the original book had an entirely new chapter on drawing with previously unpublished material and new examples of contemporary picture-making, such as video games and cartoon animations. He efforts made contemporary art history accessible to children.

Blake's work has a charming and relatable character, which can be seen in both her regular editorial work for clients like The New York Times, The Guardian and The Sunday Times, as well as for clients including Google, Stella McCartney and the V&A.

Blake is also part of This Is It collective and runs the website Studio Music.
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