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Rosemary Cook was born in Portsmouth, Hampshire, 1952. Educated St Felix, Southwold, Suffolk (1962 - 69) and Chichester College, Sussex (1970 - 73) Lincoln College of Art and Design (1985 - 87). Rosemary Cook worked for many years as a conservator and restorer of the decorative arts, however, it was during her late teens that she discovered her love of sculpting.

...r>" I was attending a pottery class with my mother, just to keep her company. My pots were dreadful so to pass the time I started making quick, sketchy sculptures. It was like a window opening onto a new world. True love... I never looked back. "

Years later her experience with materials and techniques acquired as a restorer of sculpture at The Royal Academy led on to her present career and success as a professional sculptor. She now lives in Suffolk and works in the "idyllic setting" of her studio in an old, oak framed barn. She works quickly, using clay to produce an original model that is thoroughly distinctive in its strong, impressionistic lines.

" Dogs feature strongly in my work; I hope that my sculptures never fail to capture the immediate spark of liveliness and individual character of the subject. My figures take me in a different direction - they are not of specific people, but evocations of solitary and tranquil moods which lead into a sense of timelessness. "

Rosemary's latest venture goes back to her roots in restoration. She and her partner have been re-building and restoring the ruin of an old villa in Le Marche, Italy. Lately they have been searching for interesting furniture as they drive across Europe and also working on landscaping of the terraced walks. Rosemary plans a series of sculptures to stand in favourite parts of the garden to capture the sense of freedom and beauty of the place.
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