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Russell Frampton, was born in 1961 in Hampshire. He was educated at Portsmouth and at Exeter Art College (B.A. in Fine Art), later taking his M.A. in Fine Art at the University of Plymouth. He is now living in Devon but also makes frequent visits to his house in Brittany.
Frampton's landscape based abstracts paintings seem quarried to produce an archaeological substrata, usu with the help of collage and small, fine areas of drawing. These paintings reflects the artists fixation with landscapes. Using energetic line and colour, he creates paintings that combine the many elements of a place and time. His work is dynamic, yet retains detail and clarity. This is achieved through layering techniques to build up individual levels of complexity through painted surface.

”Nautical and maritime themes have often resurfaced in my work mainly because of associations with my childhood, being brought up on the River Hamble within a stones throw from the busy international shipping port of Southampton. The Solent and Cowes as seen from Warsash were formative landscape memories and the regular passage of tankers, passenger ships, ferries and yachts against the backdrop of the flaming refineries at Fawley etched a painterly structure into me”
The artists mother is Scottish, hailing from Ayr originally. His maternal line are gaelic speakers from the Highlands; this has led Frampton to become deeply interested in the light and colour that reside in wild places - from the cliffs of West Brittany's coast to the Moorlands of Devon and Highlands of Scotland.
The artist looks to unite the complex elements of a place into a final work building multiple surfaces using layering techniques, retaining textural aspects. The division of the painted space using a ‘horizon’ is a strong theme - capturing both an actual line of disappearance, and acting as a metaphor for the harmony that resides in nature.
Frampton has exhibited widely in the South West and in London, including the major London Art Fairs, Dublin Art Fair and has work in private collections in Europe, Japan and the USA. He also lectors in painting a Plymouth College of Art.
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