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Since graduating in Visual Art and Music from Brighton, Sam Hewitt has widely exhibited his paintings in galleries across the UK and collections abroad. Sam predominantly works using oils, focusing on the human form, light and the urban environment as his subjects.
After graduating, Sam has lived and worked in Brighton for 15 years. He is currently best known for painting Br
...ighton street-scapes. His images often depict a sense of light, colour and beauty, with a feelings of loneliness and the raw passage of time.
He states "I am working at the interface between my conscious and unconscious mind. Each drops clues for the other to pick up and work. In painting this manifests as a portrayal of part of myself, in two dimensions using characters from the world around me onto whom I have projected my own unconscious motives or those of people close to me”
“What a wonderful thing painting is: personal notation of a series of conscious and unconscious choices, up on the wall for all to see."
As well as a fluent painter, Sam's creativity extends to his career as an actor, indie rock musician, street performer and decorator. Although always been a visual artist, he turned professional in 2003. Sam was fortunate enough to train under Sam Rabin during his early years, a master of life study and former teacher at Goldsmiths. His former tutors influence is felt through a focus on human form, which is integral to Sam's practice.
In addition to his individual practice, Sam is part of the conceptual art collaboration ‘The Fortune Cats,’ producing internationally acclaimed indoor and outdoor installations.
In 2011, Sam was invited to produce a three piece commission for Hiscox. In recent years, his work has been showcased at art fairs in London, New York and Singapore.
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