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Sam Peacock has worked professionally as a painter since 2007, graduated from Coventry University in 1998 with a BA in Fine arts. Immediately taken a sabbatical from painting full time to teach art practice at several institutions in London until returning to full time painting.

He's worked on several collections over the years and has solo showed in Berlin, Sydney and L
...ondon with several more shows planned into 2016. Recently undertaken a 6 month project focusing on the effects of Hydraulic Fracturing within the UK and gave an artist’s response in the form of 52 separate images, each titled with a place name where planned fracking was to take place.

His first solo in Sydney looked into the unseen landscape in NSW which culminated in taking the idea to London and exhibiting works based on site visits, bushwalks, and rock and earth samples collected whilst travelling and exploring.

Peacock has also taken responsibility as arts co-ordinator for the “Stratford Fringe Festival” curating yearly shows across the town.
As his work has matured over the years, he has kept material links to previous collections as motifs within the main body of the work, retaining the sugar and coffee elements, the strips of liquorice which define the horizon line, the carbolic soap alongside building materials such as plaster, the element of intense heat to distort and infuse colour, the blinding areas of light tamed by a darkened varnish.

Peacock is currently working on various ideas regarding changes in the landscapes of villages and towns in the South of England and across the North East coastline over the past 1000 years culminating in the “Province collection and the tradition with naming each piece after a site visit undertaken.

Sam Peacock is represented by galleries in London, Nottingham, Germany, Australia and online.

Solo Shows
2011 Via La Vadetta, Firenze, Italy. (Part funded by the British Council)
2012 Kerrie Lowe Gallery, Sydney, NSW ( Solo Show)
2013 Berlin Avantgarde, Berlin, Germany (With Fabian Freese)
2013 Curious Duke Gallery, London (Unseen Landscape Solo Show)
2014 Timberyard, Covent Garden, London ( With RoysPeople)
2015 Curious Duke, London (Fractured Collection)
2016 Pack of Patches Gallery. Jena, Germany (Solo Show)

Art Fairs 2015:
June: Hampstead AAF, London.
October: Battersea AAF, London.
December: Flux, London.
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