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Samvado is a Cornish sculptor whose art is to create simple forms to represent nature and natural energy. He has spent 4 years in Europe and India before travelling through west Europe, settling again in Scotland. In 2003 he found home in The Lizard, Cornwall.

From his wood studio on the Lizard in Cornwall, Samvado offers elemental pieces in wood and stone to celebrate l
...ocal trees and rocks.

Using locally sourced granit and stone, his work depicts the earths cooling crust under pressure. The Lizard Peninsula is one of the few places where deeper mantle layers have been exposed on the earths surface and he uses these colours of serpentine rock and granite to guide his art.

Earth, water, fire and air played a part in their slow arrival. Samvado’s work expresses these origins in practical and inspirational ways, and brings the feel of the forest and landscape to your home.

Statement from the artist:

"Woodturning and carving reveal life’s tide line in the grain of wood. This is how life has written the story of its growing, in one place in all weather. Anyone may find themselves in tune with a tree, our simplest and oldest door to Nature, our close companion since the Stick and Stone age. Bowl forms and spheres and spires seem best to show the grainy story of the annual rings, if we can appreciate the language of wood.

The same energy of Nature in the thrust of earth is seen in Cornwall’s rock formations of serpentine and granite, cooled and hardened to the ground beneath our feet. Stone carving is slower work yet these shapes remind that earth can move, was once liquid, cracking cooling, grinding surfaces under enormous pressure, the landscape we can easily see into on the coast of Cornwall where the sea eats at the land.
There is great variety of stone here, from Devonian slate to serpentine, gabro, elvan and granite, and many mixtures in between. Each requires its technique of working for hardness, texture and colour, especially the medium of serpentine. Serpentine has been worked on the Lizard for many years, for decorative purposes, and may be hard and soft, often in one piece of stone."
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