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Sara Ingleby-Mackenzie artwork for sale and artist biography

As the daughter of a fashion designer, Sara Ingleby-Mackenzie grew up in Milan. After moving to England, Sara trained under Ken Hughes - a pupil of Henry Moore - at Bath Academy of Art. The artists time at art school was spent in the life-drawing room and library, discovering as much as was possible about sculpture and painting; she formed a particular bond with Egyptian sculpt...ure for its purity of line and use of colour. Due to her fixation, she achieved a first class honours degree in Sculpture, and was awarded the Henry Moore Foundation Scholarship in 1982.

Her figures are all clothed and are light hearted in nature. Most wear sunglasses either to emphasise a holiday feeling, or to give them something to hide behind. Contemporary accessories add to the narrative of each classically formed sculpture.

Looking at the long, thin formation of Sara's figures, it is hardly surprising that she has gathered inspiration from the sculptural work of Giacometti, but less obvious influences include Egyptian and Etruscan Art, Rodin & Picasso. Her upbringing in Italy and early introduction to fashion also hold much influence over Sara, as visible from her experimentation with clothing styles and small details, such as buttons and textures on each sculptures.

"My sculptures take a light hearted view of the world, they explore our enjoyment of life and how in our image conscious world we wear sunglasses, go bare footed,teeter on impossible heels, and carry expensive handbags all for others to take note of"

Working in a variety of scales commissions have included a public art commission for Kandahar Real Estate for Droitwich Spa, sculptures for Volkswagen, the Nordic Swimming Federation, and creating the iconic "Spirit of Flight" for the OAG "˜Airline of the Year Awards'.
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