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Sharon Mullane is a self-taught artist who loves to create happy and vibrant pieces of art. Her work is an interpretation of feelings captured in time with each piece created serving as a reminder of the vibrant and exciting world we live in.

Having always been a creative individual, Sharon dabbled in art or design from a young age. She gave up making art for a period as
... life and family taken over. Sharon returned to painting using acrylics, then got into paint pouring using acrylic paints before discovering resin. Resin quickly became the artists main medium, as she started to incorporate acrylic inks, alcohol inks and various other additives to achieve dramatic effects.

Dominated by colour, Sharon’s work consists of abstract shapes, ideas and emotions. She enjoys the freedom of her work and how it’s interpretation can differ dependent on the viewer. With no limitations, Sharon’s portfolio demonstrates her confidence in experimentation with an expert eye for subtle details. Verging on the scientific, Sharon’s resin artworks react and catalyse according to her methods with an element of the unknown until the work is complete.

The glass like quality of each piece is built up in layers, adding depth and dimension to her retro and abstract pieces. The artist claims she doesn't follow a set creative process but she does like to plan her colour palette in advance, especially given the time constraints of using resin. Using her colour palette, the artist tends to get a feeling for each artwork, she is about to do whether it be abstract, a seascape or galaxy and the artwork flows from this.

Reflective, metallic and enriched with layers upon layers of colour means that Sharon’s work is best viewed in person.
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