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Sheryl Roberts is an award winning contemporary landscape artist.
Taking inspiration from the windswept high moors of the North Pennines where she is based, Sheryl paints scenes depicting those atmospheric connections between sky and land.

Dubbed “the Turner of the North”, Sheryl’s work is immediately recognisable for her distinctive style with dramatic light penetrat vast skies over brooding landscapes.

She says “my work is all about capturing the moment. the time when the vast skies make contact with the land producing striking white light to allow the viewer to step into another world”.

Graduating from the Jacob Kramer School of Art in Leeds in the early 90’s, Sheryl taught art and then became a full-time artist in 2001. She has been painting professionally since 1999 and divides her time between her studios in Leeds and Weardale, County Durham.

Influenced during her studies by the Renaissance artists’ use of dramatic contrasts of light and also the depictions of the turbulent land and seascapes of artists such as Turner, Sheryl has combined these influences and approaches to create her own unique vision.

Of her technique she says “I paint mainly in oils - layering gradually with brushes and knives to build up vibrancy and depth to each piece. Despite using a very classical composition and traditional technique, I aim to capture a very contemporary feel.”

Sheryl exhibits at various locations in the UK, as well as New York, Amsterdam, Paris and other international locations. Sheryl continues to undertake bespoke commissions and sell works to private collectors throughout the UK and further afield.
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