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Sleek Studio is a street artist who has burst onto the contemporary art scene with an art collection that blends modern street art with iconic and well-loved characters from childhood comics....

Deliberately enigmatic, not much is known about Sleek bar that he holds an art degree and hails from Scotland. All the images are created using multiple layers of spray paint and
... acrylic to create what appears to be a real street art installations.

Sleek Studio artworks are created in the 'BANKSY' style, using multi layered hand prepared stencils to recreate urban graffiti wall backgrounds. These dramatic backgrounds are full of energy and layered texture through numerous layers of graffiti “tagging” onto reconstituted wood with paint overlaid. The edges are then distressed and torn to appear as though the art has been ripped straight from the wall it was graffitied on. Each artwork is finished in a high quality resin, giving each piece explosive colours and ensuring their content maintains a truly lifelike quality.

By taking the techniques used by street artists and translating them to canvas, the artist attempts to bring street art indoors, translating an urban grittiness into fine art.
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