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Steve Clarkson graduated with a BA in Fine Art, specialising in printmaking from UWIC Cardiff in 1996, before completing a PGCE in Art and Design also at UWIC Cardiff.

From 1998 - 2000 Steve was a member of Bath Artist Printmakers as well as tutoring in Collagraph Technique. Since 2000 Steve has been a founding member and is now the chair of Frome Printmakers in Somerset

Steve continues to embrace new technology as a tool to help generate different ways to present his work. He believes technology enables new marks and languages to present ideas in ways relevant today.

Although his practice is diverse, combining techniques both old and new, embracing a plethera of media through which he creates his final output. Specifically through gum bichromate printing he has begun exploring how digitally prepared negatives can be used to generate virtual images. He forms still life images that are composed in Photoshop from a personal database of individual photographs of flowers and bugs. For his current Vanitas works, the gum bichromate printing allows control of the colour palette to create the aged look of old Dutch masters work, imbued with the communication of the Victorian language of flowers.
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