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The inherent equilibrium of the natural world is the driving influence in the beautifully crafted sculpture of Steve Mace. Works that are sleekly abstracted through balanced precise design, and exquisitely finished in smoothed and polished wood, express timeless concepts: purity of form, the dynamic of movement, the beauty of equipoise.
Mace is interested in how balance is
...maintained through sequences and paths of directional movement as well as in the structure of a static mass. Shapes that turn and fold, bend and twist, reach upwards or outwards, or repeat themselves in subtle variations, these all seem to express an underlying symmetry.

This concern with the repose of forms also has a more profound spiritual dimension and Mace refers to the making of art as: ‘a shelter for the soul’. Analogies such as Cycladic sculpture might be made, but Mace’s forms are full of a modern dynamic and design and equally accepting of mathematical formulae as they are of essential organic form.

The sculpture is made from wood sourced and selected for colour and character such as: pink ivory wood from Africa, sonokeling rosewood from India, or santos rosewood from South America. Sometimes the idea is carved directly into the wooden block, at other times working drawings propose a thematic idea, or for more complex works such as symmetrical spirals, a more complete measured drawing might be made.

The final stages of smoothing give way to polishing, but here Mace is reluctant to end the working process and prolongs polishing to create a beautiful deep rich surface that pays the utmost respect to the life and character of the wood. The result is sculpture of immense feeling, dedication and spirit, an expression of quiescence against the disorder of contemporary life.

Mace trained in technical illustration at Bournemouth and Poole College of Art completing in 1983. With a background as a technical draughtsperson he started sculpting in 1999 and began exhibiting in galleries in London and the South of England. Between 2005 and 2009 be exhibited with the Cass Sculpture Foundation in London and Goodwood, and has recently exhibited at 20/21 International Art Fair, and the Affordable Art Fair in New York.

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