Steven Heaton artwork for sale and artist biography

Steven Heaton is an award-winning artist and director at Cross Street Arts.

His work has been exhibited both nationally and internationally, and is held in private collections, galleries and museums throughout England, America and Canada.

His work is inspired by nature and the interaction of the mechanical and the man made element upon the landscape. Heaton’s work
... examines time, memory and human interaction within the world, and above all nature’s dominance. His work is often referred to as ‘time pieces’, representing a world without us, and allowing us to examine what still remains.

Within his paintings, texture and surface is explored by using a variety of materials from traditional oil, and acrylic paint to the heavily layered and corroded use of metal and wire.

Through the application of layered paint, it is what he chooses to add and remove that leaves a history on the canvas of conscious decisions, slowly built over time from memories, interactions within the environment and dialogue with himself.

Revelations often occur hidden beneath the surface – it is only through this struggle and his determination to keep painting that he can understand himself and why he paints. Exploring uncertainty and the permanence of memory, his work is a transient and somewhat fragile interpretation of what we perceive as ourselves, our life and our consciousness.
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