Steven Manolakis artwork for sale and artist biography

Steven Manolakis is an American-born, Sydney-based fine art photographer.

He first discovered his love for photography after moving to Australia at the young age of 18, where he began to develop and refine his own distinctive artistic style.

The intent of his artwork is to stimulate the affective components of his audience by permitting them to attribute personal
... meaning to each image. He believes art speaks to each person on an individual level, and does not wish to ascribe his own bias to his work.

Steven’s most recent creative compositions are concerned with the aesthetics of topography, particularly from an aerial viewpoint. The spontaneous and evolutionary arrangement of contours and hues which comprise earth’s geographical framework constitute the essence of his subject matter, and form the most mesmeric abstract illustrations.

An adventure seeker attracted to the outdoors, he has made trips to the Himalayas in Nepal, the Sahara Desert in Morocco, Jordan, Israel, Fiji, New Zealand, and more in search of stunning vistas. We can't wait to see the unique perspective he brings to many more locations to come!

Steven has been shortlisted for international awards and was placed 3rd in The Independent Photographer’s Landscape Competition 2019.
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