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STUART BUCHANAN was born in Glasgow in 1970. In 1992 he graduated from Glasgow School of Art, having studied Fine Art Drawing and Painting. He has been a professional artist since 1993.

Buchanan has firmly established himself as a major force within the Contemporary Scottish field. His paintings are representational, with single or sometimes pairs of figures set in rich textured, colourful oil landscapes. Stuart's work is immediately identifiable and many of his popular themes are re-visited. His paintings share the theme of solitude. It is not a lonely or forlorn solitude but rather a celebration of peace and serenity. In a world filled with tumultuous noise, mayhem and disorder, Stuart has found a very comfortable refuge for his viewer from the outside world.

"I like to think that the viewer does not need to know where the figures are nor what they ard doing, to relate to the personal moments that I seek to capture in my work". Stuart Buchanan, 2006.

In 1991 he won the Patrick Allan Fraser Scholarship, and in 1998 was the Artist in Residence at Hospitalfield House, Arbroath. In 2006 he was awarded the office of Artist in Residence of the Aberdeen City Council. Hence he has now left his native Glasgow and is living in Catterline - a fishing village on Scotland's east coast.

Stuart's work has been included in many shows both north and south of the border, as well as in exhibitions in T'blisi, Montrose and New York.

Selected solo exhibitions include:

2016 Adrift, solo show, Open Eye Gallery, Edinburgh (solo show) 2015 Message in a Bottle, solo show, Modern British Artist's Gallery 2013 We All Need to Feel Loved, solo show, Modern British Artist's Gallery, Pangbourne2013 Poetics, Wall Projects, Montrose
2012 Hinterland, Wall Projects, Montrose
2011 Works on Water, Modern Artists Gallery, Berks2010 New Paintings, Wall Projects, Montrose
2009 Under the Moon, Modern Artists Gallery, Pangbourne, Berkshire
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