Suchi Chidambaram artwork for sale and artist biography

Suchi Chidambaram paints dynamic urban landscapes that express the energy, motion and vibrancy of cities that she has a close association with such as Mumbai, or London where she now lives and works.

She is drawn to the fabric of these places, the people, the architecture, the natural spaces, and the interminable stories behind them. She reveals the rhythm and directiona
...l flow of swarming crowds, the patterns they make as they gravitate towards a focus, or form a teeming mass, or disperse, or casually stroll. The vitality and movement of figures is often suggested by rapid palette knife or brush marks on the animated tactile surface.

In dramatic and intense paintings cities emerge as if in a vision out of the strokes and blocks of thick oil paint. Often using rich strong colour, the glow of electric light, phosphorescence, or the heat of the sun flood these atmospheric and mesmerising urban landscapes.

Shifting between abstract and figurative, Chidambaram paints from her distinctive memory of these places, allowing fragments of visual data, subjective impressions and emotional responses to inspire powerfully expressive works.

From a young age growing up in Southern India, Suchi was always interested in drawing and painting, spending most of her spare time drawing. Through observation and experimentation, she learnt to paint.

Chidambaram grew up in Madurai in Southern India and at the age of eighteen attended the studio of K.C. Murukesan in Kallandiri. She talks affectionately about the encouragement of her master whose expressive painting methods have influenced her greatly. She also attended a number of artist workshops in Southern India. She moved to London in 1998 but continued to visit India for inspirational travels. She held her first solo exhibition at The Nehru Centre, London in 2006 and has exhibited internationally including: Oman, Dubai and New Delhi. Recently she has exhibited in London at Karen Taylor Gallery, Gallery 28 Cork Street, Clarion Contemporary, and The Architects Gallery.

In addition to international exhibitions, Suchi was the winner of Community Southwark Photography Competition, and has been featured in the BBC documentary Indianow in 2007.
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