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Sylvia Paul studied painting at Colchester School of Art and Hockerill College of Education. Sylvia has been painting and exhibiting her work for more than 40 years and still enjoys working with a wide range of media and subject matter. She has developed a free and expressive style of working with oils using a knife over an under-painting of acrylics.

Sylvia's still life
... paintings are particularly bold and colourful having paid particular attention to the set up in the studio often including flamboyant flowers and drapes. Whereas, her Landscape has always been a favourite subject and inspiration comes from footpath walks near her Essex home as well as woodlands and gardens. Other aspects of Sylvia’s work include mixed media collages and most recently textile art.

Although many of her artworks are inspired by the coast, the artists subject matter extends to include a broad spectrum of themes and narratives. More recently, her artwork has taken on forms of abstraction, influenced by Japanese culture. Her abstract paintings have attracted particular interest, one of them being hung in The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2009.

She has widely exhibited in galleries in the UK, including galleries in Scotland, Brighton and Bristol. Residing in East Anglia for most of her life she has been a regular exhibitor for nearly forty years in the region. Her success extends internationally as well, as she has held three solo shows in Japan. One of her exhibitions at Gallery Sakura, Nagoaka, was so well received that she managed to sell 36 paintings in three days!
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