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Temper, aka Arron Bird, is widely recognised as one of the most successful and talented graffiti artists of his generation. He is recognisable for his unique style of graffiti art which allows him to work in illustrative and free-hand ‘traditional’ graffiti, as well as detailed and exquisite figurative work reminiscent of the Old Masters and breathtaking photorealist landscapes....

Temper, a council worker’s son, had his first interaction with graffiti in 1981 at the age of 11, after being introduced to fellow graffiti artist, Goldie in Wolverhampton. In less than six months down the line Temper was creating his own street murals (his debut composition aptly titled, ‘Street Level’), heavily influenced by hip hop culture, his aerosol skills were pretty much evident from the get go.

During the next few years Temper filled his time spraying his tag (graffiti nickname), bubble letters and figurative images on a succession of blank canvases. Those blank canvases being subway walls and factory units mainly, and nearly always as an illegal practice.

Temper, along with his partner in so-called street crime, Goldie became some of the first graffiti artists to become acknowledged as artists in their own right, but from a commercial perspective get paid for their stunning creations, which was unheard of previously.

In 1995 Temper set about diversifying and created his first art canvas-based art collection. 12 months later and he staged his own solo gallery show in Wolverhampton, entitled ‘Footsteps’, and the artist admits that it served as a turning point for him as he had successfully experimented with other materials aside from spray paint.

His big break arrived a few years later when in 2001, when he was chosen to design the coats for what turned out to be 100 million cans of a limited edition Sprite variant; the soft drinks company owned by Coca-Cola. This resulted in Temper’s graffiti art being exposed to an unprecedented Europe-wide audience of millions and what stands as the largest graffiti advertising campaign to date.

Later that same year Temper became the first graffiti artist to ever hold a show within a major public gallery installation. That gallery was the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, his showcase going by the title of ‘Minuteman’. 38,000 visitors passed through his solo exhibition over a four week period and shortly after advertising supremos and art super collectors, Saatchi and Saatchi commissioned Temper to paint a wall in the offices of their London HQ. Commissions for the likes of the BBC and Roman Abramovich (Chelsea FC's owner) followed.

In 2007, alongside award winning designer Ken Shuttleworth, Temper was commissioned to create a major piece of public art for Birmingham's landmark building, The Cube.

Today, Temper can be found at his studio in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter.
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