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The Krah was raised in Athens, where he became a prolific graffiti artist in the 90's. He has remained a prominent artist over the last 18 years by painting the streets while touring around Europe and Asian countries such as Japan and Thailand, and leaving a piece in every city.
Since a young age, the Krah loved art and drawing, inspired by his fascination with European com
...ics and underground alternative comics artists. During the 1997s, the artist started creating graffiti murals with spray paint. During this period, Graffiti was still an underground sub culture, and the artist thrived from the explosion of colours, the adrenalin rush and the statement which graffiti represented.
The artists style varies from traditional street art, as he paints characters onto the streets, rather than letters. He evolved his character designs creating a different and unique signature style of graffiti, making giving him a name among street artists. The artist always free styles his urban creations and never works from sketches.
Having been born in the UK, The Krah moved to London after the new Millennia and has since had a variety solo shows in London and one in Berlin. The Krah's work is in a large range of private collections. He also curates art shows in London, where he remains living, and world-wide.
Gaining recognition in the 90s has lead to major success, working with big clients such as Nokia, River Island, Arctic Monkeys. His street art also gained him exhibitions in international galleries including Brooklynite in New York, ATM Gallery in Berlin and Art Basel at Miami Beach.
His work has also been published in 'Street Art Contemporary prints', a book by the V&A museum.
His success in Britain has resulted in solo shows include 'Urban Art' at LAVA Gallery Carnaby street, London during 2011, and 'Just another Fucking street-Art show' at King Of Paint Gallery Bristol in 2013.
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