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Tom Farthing was born in Boston, MA, USA (1982) but soon relocated with his family to the UK. He later gained his MA in 2013 from Chelsea College of Art, and his BA in 2005 from the Ruskin School, Oxford University.

His work is concerned with re-imagining figurative painting in a contemporary context. His work explores ideas of place and memory and the narratives that ar
...e embedded within the landscape.
During 2017 Tom Farthing was artist in residence at NES in Iceland, where he made drawings, watercolours and oil paintings from the landscape in and around Skagaströnd.
He is interested in the ways in which the very local and specific can, through a transformation into paint, interact with wider histories and mythologies. Tom is also a printmaker, creating thought provoking, semi-abstract screen prints.

Across a successful career Tom has exhibited widely around London in solo and group exhibitions which recently include Travelogue, Zimmer Stewart Gallery, Arundel, 2019 (solo), Pleasure Islands, Artwork Atelier, Salford 2016, Young Masters Dialogues at Sphinx Fine Art, London 2015, Cynthia Courbett Gallery Summer Exhibition, London 2015; Projections, Zimmer Stewart Gallery, Arundel, 2015 (solo).
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