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Tony was born in the mining village of Woodlands Nr Doncaster in 1943 and says that art was the only thing he got praise for at school. Whilst serving in the army in Germany in the 1960’s art blossomed into his life and made him realise signing on for another stint in the Regiment wasn’t for him.

In 1980 he became a full-time artist, using his versatile techniques produc portraits, landscapes and caricatures to name a few of his vast and varied range.

Since then Tony has held exhibitions nationwide and his paintings have sold all over the world.

Tony has tremendous versatility, adapting his technique as needed depending on the project, a master of light, he delicately balances compositions creating evocative and atmospheric pieces that instantly transport the viewer into his world.

His Confessions Of A Teenager, 1957 -1961 series was created in 1980 and exhibited for three months at Cusworth Hall, the Museum of South Yourshire Life. Tony explains how the striking and vibrant style was conceived:

“I created this unique style in the 1980’s, painting 31 pieces. I wanted to depict the four years of my teenage years from 1957 – 1961. These paintings are my memories of some situations of my youth. The 1950’s were a very colourful time, full of fashion and glamour, entwined with both exciting and traumatic times for me.

This style evolved from ‘doodling’ with figurative shapes using memory to design clothing and the environment. My unique design of missing faces was very important to me to ensure the viewers of my work could not identify themselves from that era. I did however, want to tell as much of my story as I could in my paintings. I originally created smaller pieces of this style which I then developed on a much bigger scale on canvas, which I am still creating today.”
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