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Tony Laverick is one of the UK's most celebrated contemporary ceramicists, having gained wide recognition for his dramatic pots which are decorated with rich layers of colour, often incorporating shimmering metallics and blocks of intricate texture. This, combined with his distinctively crisp, black forms, gives his work a luxuriously precious look and feel.

Tony was bor
...n in Sunderland in 1961. He trained in Studio Ceramics at Preston Polytechnic from 1981-84. He gained a Distinction from the Society of Designer Craftsmen.

He then worked in the ceramic industry, in Stoke-on-Trent, including Coalport China as a designer from 1986-88. In 1988 he set up his own studio near Leek in the Staffordshire Moorlands. He has worked there as a full-time professional ceramic artist since then.

Tony's speciality is fine porcelain decorated with precious metal lustres. His luminous pots, made in black and translucent porcelain, combine fields of vivid and more austere colours, geometric precision of line with freer decoration.

Tony’s work draws on these various sources and cultures. He uses a juxtaposition of controlled, linear designs with areas of loose, painterly decoration. The surface of the pot is used as a painter would use a canvas informed by modern abstraction in painting and sculpture, from Malevich to Brancusi. Their often complex geometry adds life and movement to form, the different colours often overlaid to give a sense of depth and synergy.

Each of Tony's pots conveys different qualities and characteristics depending on the angle from which they're viewed. Many appear to have a 'bold' and a 'quiet' side, generating a perpetual enjoyment of new discovery as the pots are rotated or newly positioned.

In 2014, Tony was made a Fellow Member of the Craft Potter’s Association. In 2015 he was selected to be a member of Contemporary Applied Arts.

His work is regularly exhibited in galleries all around the world and it is held in both private and public collections including The Ashmoleum Museum, The Gmunden Museum in Austria, Maison de la Ceramique in France and the Deutsches Keramikmuseum in Germany.
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