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Tony was born and bred in South East London, he has been working with neon for over 25 years, creating handmade artworks using techniques that date back to 1910. He learnt his skills with a large sign company where he started as a trainee in 1989. He fell in love with the product and realized there was so much more that could be done with it.

After moving to Manchest in 2001 he began creating neon work from his Bolton studio which soon began to attract the attention of collectors and his pieces evolved far beyond the traditional setting of commercial sign making.

His works have gained critical acclaim in both corporate and domestic settings with Spink producing bespoke pieces for major brands as well as high profile musicians and premiership footballers commissioning him to produce the ultimate in dazzling electrical artwork.

His creations are produced by heating straight lengths of glass tubing in a flame and bending into shape which are then pumped with neon or argon gas, depending on the final colour of the piece.

Once electrodes have been fused onto each end of the tube, air is removed from the glass sections under vacuum and the tube is then subjected to high voltage electricity.

The first neon sign was displayed in public in December 1910 by Georges Claude at the Paris Motor Show, although the theory behind the technology dates back to 1675.

The way that neon signs are made has not changed during this time, a hand crafted product produced by heating straight lengths of glass tubing in a flame and bending into shape.
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