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Ursula Stone studied at Belfast College of Art and Camberwell School of Arts and Crafts, London and also trained as a Waldorf Kindergarten Teacher in Edinburgh, Scotland. She has continuously worked as a freelance graphic designer in London, Dublin and the Southeast and also as a designer (costumes, sets, masks and make-up) for a number of theatre companies. More recently for T...he Rose Theatre Company, ArtXpress and Evoke Theatre Company.
Ursula paints mainly in watercolours but also in oils and mixed media. Her paintings are of simple themes, deeply worked through to find new images inspired by colours and words, often abstract sometimes finding familiar forms.
"In essence my work is about feeling, feeling through my senses and discovering what lies beyond and below the surface of what I wish to express visually.

I endeavour to seek visual harmony, beauty and balance and a new perception of the inner and outer world through painting, drawing and poetry. I work with simple themes which are deeply worked through to find new images often abstract and sometimes finding familiar forms."
Ursula has been exhibiting her paintings and drawings on a regular basis since 1995, in London and throughout the south-east.
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