Valeria Becker artwork for sale and artist biography

Becker is a German artist who currently works from Nice, France. Her work is intrinsically linked to her personal experiences as a mother, wife, and particularly, as a woman.
Becker’s passion for portraiture is self-evident; her captivating body of work displays an emotional charge that comes from different textures and densities, and ultimately the light conditions that occ
...ur in a place at a certain time.

She pays particular attention to the complexion of faces, with hues from pink to green through blue, leaving only a few discrete paint drips, just to remind the autonomy of this painting in relation to reality. In her work she reveals a kaleidoscope of intense emotions through her subjects, who range from the anonymous to the celebrity.

The scale, combined with the freedom of her confident bush strokes and strong colour, make her paintings powerful pieces for the viewer to experience, which often leave the beholder filled with emotions.

It is hardly surprising that this German artist who is now based in Nice is proving immensely popular and collectable across Europe
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