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Born in 1959 in London, Veronique grew up between New Zealand, Canada, Singapore and the UK and has been working as an artist for nearly fifty years.
In her art practice she has explored numerous materials and techniques including wood turning, hand and press mould ceramics for sculpture, film, design, photography and performance. Although the artist has worked in a variety
... of arts related industries, including interior and landscape design, and photo labs for advertising - no matter where her adventures in creativity have taken her, she has always been drawn to drawing and painting.
Veronique Maria is passionate about life, love and relationships, which she continuously finds new ways to express in her work. Having recently had a period of immobility where she was unable to make any art for many months, she now currently paints meditations of thanks, which she calls 'Gratitude Mandalas' and reflect her gratification for life.
Since 2014 she has been focusing exclusively on creating her ‘Gratitude Mandalas’. These paintings, initially born out of a deepening commitment to and engagement with her Buddhist meditation practice, followed by a deep appreciation of a being a mother and grandmother. They are also influenced by her recent physical limitations caused by spinal injuries; she has noticed how, over time, the painting process of these mandalas has actually become her main meditation practice.
The actions of applying layers of colours, collaged paper, pressed flowers, and lacquers are now much more about surrender and non attachment. Veronique’s main aim, intention and focus whilst making this work is to engage solely in the process.
Her priority is in the action of applying paint with tiny brushes in layers, repeatedly letting go of an element, in order to find and discover something else. She believe that this deepens her ability to trust and experience interconnectedness. The artist refers to this as a form of 'paint prayer'.
Whilst living mindfully, the artist finds herself in need of a process of painting, which embraces her daily devotional practice. In this way, her painting practice has became an act of loving service and relieves the inner critic born out of the perceived expectations of the external world.
The artist believes that removing such external restrictions frees her up to eliminate control, allowing her to slow elements of her artistic practice down and appreciate the present moment of creation. In this nature, Veronique's artistic practice acts as a form of meditation, an element she hopes manifests itself in her artworks and is passed onto her viewers in the act of observing her work.
Veronique is lucky to have exhibited in many group shows across the UK, in galleries such as the Whitworth in Manchester and The House of William Blake in London. She was also involved in live art preformance at the Tate Modern during 2010, and has received numerous grants for the arts awards from the Arts Council and International Residencies in Ireland, Iceland and USA, marking her an active member of the contemporary arts community.
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