Victoria Coleman artwork for sale and artist biography

Victoria has a creative background and after completing a degree in metal and jewellery she found work in the film and prop industry where she developed her skills in fabrication and painting. Victoria had a vibrant career creating costume props for the characters in Star Wars and Gladiator, as well as fabricating crazy critters at Jim Henson’s Creature Shop in Camden and Disney characters to go in their international flagship stores.
However Victoria decided to follow her passion for painting and now works at home in the company of her springer spaniel Daisy and her wire haired Dachshund Bailey.

Victoria's painting technique is all about the small details. Painting gives her great fulfilment and pleasure as she combines her adoration for animals and love of bringing life to the canvas using mostly waterbased paints. Bold images and bright colours often play with the blur and clarity of perspective, her paintings are designed to stand out and be noticed. Her painting style is entered around the detail achieved in the building of each layer until the essence of her subject has been captured.
Victoria describes her style as lying between realistic and illustrative, the artists past painting Disney characters has influenced her style substantially.

Victoria paints mostly portraits because she says "I love the sensation you feel when you get eye contact with animals, its the sense that they are acknowledging me, that we have a bond or understanding, its that experience of connection that I'm trying to achieve with my paintings."

Her paintings are often up close and personal and frequently have an element of humour about them, she is inviting people into another world which provokes feelings of familiarity and joy.
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