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Victoria Horkan is an emerging British artist who combines oil paint with mixed media to create rich, textured paintings that are almost sculptural. Horkan's artwork is dynamic, radiant and vibrant, each a experimental field of colour and texture.

Victoria has developed a style transforming the canvas into an almost 3D like effect through her clever use of paint. The tr
...ue encapsulating beauty of her work can only be appreciated when you see these timeless, detailed deeply emotional pieces in reality. The artists love for colours and capturing the spirit of her subject matter transcends onto the surface of the canvas with powerful movement and vital expression. The artists paintings are so thick and sculptured, it can take six weeks for one piece to dry, giving her artworks a tactile finish.

After graduating with a degree in textiles Design, Victoria decided Textiles was too restrictive and began painting, allowing her to maintain more creative freedom over her work.

Victoria is fascinated by the idea of transcribing sensation; the artist would sit in the dance studios at Bretton Hall College, attempting to capture the dancers’ movements through her sketches. Victoria is aware of what a demanding stimulus colour can be, recognising its ability to affect mood and to provoke an emotional response. The artist is determined to make good use of this in her art. She believes that painting should be able to move an audience, in much the same way that music may move the listener.

Following in the foot steps of Kandinsky, Victoria also sees a connection between music and art, believing musical and visual experiences can be used to simultaneously illuminate and intensify each other. The artist does not depict a particular narrative or produce radically conceptual art, rather she attempts to leave her audience with a lasting impression, to bring them to a place of joy. The artists vibrant paintings radiate an energy that is truly uplifting and invigorating. At times, the process of painting takes her into totally abstract realms and engulfs Victoria with joy. Absorbed only in the mark making and the application of colour, she finds herself totally free to express the vision that comes from within.

Although an active artist, Victoria admits that she doesn't go to galleries or shows, as she believes that artists become too influenced by what the galleries deem as ‘trendy wall worthy art’. Not looking to galleries for inspiration, the artist suggests that the Tate bores her, although the one time she did visit she enjoyed the work of Rothko and Salvador Dali. The artist finds that most contemporary art in mainstream galleries does not resinate with her and seeks inspiration elsewhere.

Galleries all over the UK and overseas have recognised that Victoria delivers an individual technique, and her understanding of the colour palette is immediate and effective. In both her original work and the artists limited edition prints, it is equally as important for the artist to reflect her knowledge of her medium.

Victoria has shown in exhibitions all over the UK and in 2011 she was shortlisted for the British Women Artists Award. Her achievements also include winning the Healthcare and Bioscience Art Competition award in 2009. In addition to her awards, she is highly collected, having successfully participated in international Affordable Art Fairs in London, Brussels and Singapore.
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