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Dr. Victoria King MA FRSA is a painter, sculptor, photographer, essayist, poet and passionate gardener who emigrated from America to England in 1972 to study art and philosophy. She was a senior university lecturer in Fine Art and has exhibited her artwork extensively internationally in 14 solo exhibitions and many group shows over the past 40 years.

In 2005, she was ho
...noured with a large curated Australian museum retrospective of thirty-years of her paintings. She has spent extensive periods of time working with Aboriginal women artists and received a PhD for her thesis Art of Place and Displacement: Embodied Perception and the Haptic Ground. Her artwork and writing have been published in many books and international journals.

“My paintings are celebrations of the extraordinary life force in nature and the power of colour at its most abstract to communicate space and emotion. They are inspired by glimpses of unexpected beauty: the juxtaposition of vibrant and subtle colours and forms of flowers, of reflections in water, vistas within vistas, harmony spontaneously self-sown rather than imposed.

Just as seeds take time to germinate and flower, so, too, do my paintings. With persistent nurturing, deep attention and often outrageous risk-taking, surfaces often take years to build up until a painting resonates with an embodied experience of perception and being-in-place. My hope is that they will convey to the viewer a meditative sense of stillness, presence and joy.”

Victoria has actively researched the traditional drawing and painting techniques of Northern and Italian Renaissance artists since 2012, completing studies with The Royal Drawing School, The National Gallery, The National Portrait Gallery, and LARA.
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