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Born in Leningrad, Viktoria Ikonen was classically trained in painting and analytical drawing, graduating from from The Russian State Academy of Art and Design with the Master’s degree.

In her moody, transcendental landscapes, the artist explores the ideas of duality in painting and the world around us: nature and imposed structure, abstraction and figuration, traces of
...history and marks of the present.

Her almost monochromatic paintings are interrupted radically by expressive multi colors, based on the artist’s own photos. The image remains realistically concrete in its matter-of-factness and at the same time surreally distanced. The idea that our reality is quite relative, absurd and irrational -inspired by Camus existential philosophy- is a part of the concept.

Since 2010 Ikonen has exhibited extensively in Russia, Finland, Spain, Germany and Turkey. Currently she lives and works in Rauma, Finland.


  • 2004-2010 M.F.A. The State Academy of Art and Design (the Mukhina Arts Academy) - Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Solo and Two-Person Exhibitions

  • 2017 (upcoming) Changes / Constancies, solo project, P-galleria, Porin Taiteilijaseura ry, Pori, Finland
  • 2016 This Error is Forgivable, two-person show with Nobushige Kono, Artreflex gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia
  • 2015 Something real, solo project, Mart gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia
  • 2015 Contemporary Istanbul, BIQ institution, Istanbul, Turkey

  • 2016 Start In Art competition finalist / Support the young artists - K35 gallery, Moscow/Russia
  • 2014 Can Serrat art residency / Support participating residency program Barcelona/Spain
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