Walter Lindner artwork for sale and artist biography

Walter Lindner (1936-2007), was a German artist that over four decades perfected his technique in creating unique monotype prints on paper, using glass plates painted with oils and hand-finished and embellished often with gold-leaf.

Lindner completed degrees at both the leading Berlin Arts Universities in the 1950s, before becaming a senior graphic designer at Siemens Be
...rlin advertising department, before embarking on a solo career in the mid 60s. Lindner’s techniques attracted attention by his Berlin university tutors and fellow artists and he exhibited annually at the Frankfurt International Art Fair for 40 years. Exhibitions of his work in Germany were successful in the 70s and 80s, but Lindner was a gentle man and a reluctant publicist.

Art collector Simon Hearnden unearthed the highly accomplished monotypes of this enigmatic Berlin artist whilst visiting him in 2006 and his accomplished works are now undergoing a revival in interest and collection after his death.

Walter Lindner original works remain affordable, despite increasing interest and will become harder to find as that interest continues.
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