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Maximalist Eclectic

Interiors - Eclectic Maximalist

The moodiest interior needs layering, and what better way to create layers than with artwork! Here is our collection of maximalist inspired artworks...

Coastal Interior

Interiors - Coastal

This weathered interior works best when its not overdone, we have selected artworks that will create a fresh and classy style, have a look for...


Interiors - Scandinavian

The minimalist style is still really popular, have a look at our range of simplistic yet eye catching artworks that work best with the Scandi...


Modern British Art

Encompassing styles such as Realism, Post-Impressionism, Fauvism and Surrealism, British interpretations of Modern art have become highly collectable....

Pf Sea Rocks

Captivating Landscapes & Seascapes

Two of the original subjects in classic painting, you can't go far wrong with a great landscape or seascape. Executed in a huge variety of styles,...


The Ancient Greeks didn't have a word for what!?

Considering blue is one of the most prominent colours in everyday life it's hard to believe that the Ancient Greeks didn’t even have a word for the...

Bass Rock Ref 11749 Nick Giles Alpha Art

28 enchanting paintings under £500

Amazing, original artwork doesn't have to cost a fortune - here's a hand-selected collection of 28 enchanting, gallery-quality paintings all for £500...

Veil Narsh

Exciting New Additions

With new galleries and artwork being added to ArtsHaus every week, keep up with latest new additions here.

Book Stock Photo

Common Art Terms Explained

Not sure the difference between impressionism and expressionism? Brush up on your art knowledge with these entertaining and down-to-earth explanations...

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