Teaming artwork with this earthy interior style

The Bohemian style is for those of us who definitely don't feel like 'less is more'. Although this could be a minimalists idea of an interior nightmare, bohemian homes are certainly full of colour, culture and curiosity. This makes them a perfect partner for artwork!

Although boho interiors are certainly eclectic, you'll spot certain hallmarks - patterns, plants, textures and natural materials are all layered on top of a warm or neutral background. It's synonymous with the Moroccan style which gives your interior a cosy feeling, with furniture low to the ground and leafy plants drooping over.

In a bohemian home you'll want to look out for artwork which won't get lost in the background. Keep warm, rich colours and materials in mind e.g. deep reds, warm yellows, dark woods and gold frames. Here's a collection of artworks that would enhance and compliment a bohemian interior...

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