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Teaming artworks with this timeless classic interior

English country interior is known for enduring the test of time. With antique furnishings, leather or rich cottons, throws and cushions, it oozes comfort, warmth and elegance.

You can introduce the characteristics of country interior into your home with your wallpaper choices, furniture and material choices; but these can all be enhanced through the choice of artwork.

Classic subjects such as still lives, landscapes and portraits are a must. The flowers immortalised in still life paintings can be wonderfully paired with fresh flowers within your rooms; whilst moody landscapes with expressive brush strokes and thick paint, bring a sense of the countryside in. Don't be afraid to communicate a splash of english humour with comical busts or portraiture in a renaissance style.

Below is the collection of artworks we have carefully selected to look perfect in a English country style interior.

Image from Ideal Homes

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