Eclectic Maximalist

Interiors Maximalist

How to team artworks with this dark and busy interior

The maximalist style is the moodiest of the interiors. Deep dark walls teamed with metals, pops of colour, layers upon layers of accessories and plants creates a luxury look.

Features of a maximalist interior include bold decorative items; for example a velvet sofa, a gold coffee table, or a feature wall of artworks! Perhaps a salon style hang on a dark coloured wall or some leaning artworks populating side-tables and bookshelves.

When thinking of what artworks to choose for your feature wall don't be afraid to mix photography with paintings, portraits with abstracts.

Just look out for elements which compliment each other (e.g. similar colours or subjects) and work which won't get lost in the background-draw from colours originally in your room, and incorporate personal belongings such as mirrors and trinkets. Below you'll find our favourites for an eclectic maximalist interior.

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