Scandinavian Style

Scandi Style Home

Teaming artworks with this clean minimalist style

The Scandinavian style was all the rage in 2017, but just because it's on a back-burner doesn't mean it's not fashionable. Clean lines and functionality are the main stays of this style. Sleek danish furniture coupled with layers of colours (muted tones of cream, beige, taupe) and clean lighting creates an inviting and airy atmosphere.

For furnishings think woods or natural fabrics teamed with creams or muted yellow accents to create a light sunshine-esque room. Couple this with plants - and lots of them! Choose from large leaf, olive brances, ivy, etc.

When it comes to including artwork into your Scandi home, minimalist paintings, figurative illustrations, photography and abstract sculpture can all be used. Perhaps here is where you can add a dash of bolder colour! Below is our selection of favourite artworks that would suit this interior.

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