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This Month's Must See: Original Prints

The world of 'prints' can be a confusing one! An original print is defined as 'an artwork which was originally conceived by the artist as a print'. i.e. the artwork was always intended to be produced as a print.

They are handmade through a traditional technique e.g. etching / lithography / screenprint etc. and each individual print is actually a unique piece of art which will be slightly different from the next. The artist simply follows the same process to create it. This means editions usually never go above 100 and often are much lower than this as the stencils or original etching decays.

Famous artists such as Andy Warhol created original prints as their main medium - for example the Marilyn Monroe series was a series of screenprints. As such they have much greater value and are collectible - but less expensive versions of unique original works.

Find out more with our ultimate guide to original prints here.


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