Hidden Gems: Enchanting paintings for £500 and under

Some of the world's most famous artists sell their work for millions of pounds; but for those of us without deep pockets, owning original art can sometimes feel out of reach.

However, amazing, original artwork doesn't have to cost a fortune - and that's why we've scoured the market to pull together some hidden gems - a selection of enchanting gallery-quality paintings all for £500 and under. Considering the time, materials and skill required to create these artworks, we think they're great value for money.

Paintings have long been the traditional medium for many artists. For centuries it was the main method of expression and at the forefront of numerous art movements. Painting offers a chance for versatility, serendipity and great variety - from the delicate portraiture of the timeless Mona Lisa to the expressive hand of Jackson Pollock. It has the power to bring together a room or to command your attention.

We pride ourselves on helping you find quality and affordability at ArtsHaus (see our article on the subject!) and there's few better places to find quality collections for an array of budgets. So for £500 or less, consider these gems from across the contemporary art world.


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