Frequently Asked Questions

For Buyers:

What is ArtsHaus?

ArtsHaus is an online platform which aims to help you find quality, affordable art for your home or workspace.

How does it work?

We work closely with a trusted group of galleries and studios which we believe offer quality as well as affordability. We help them to share with you, their artwork, artists, mission and location. Through ArtsHaus, you are then able to browse artwork based on your taste, budget or location. This allows you to easily find artwork perfect for you, contact those who sell it and arrange to visit or simply buy online, whatever you prefer.

How do I buy with ArtsHaus?

The easiest way to buy with most of our partners is to use the ‘Purchase this item’ button on the page of the artwork you are interested in. This will create a pro-forma email which will go directly to the seller detailing the artwork you are interested in. Fill in your details and any questions/requests and the seller will get back in touch with you to arrange for a viewing or talk to you about their online purchase and returns process.

The price listed on ArtsHaus did not include shipping and framing. Why is this?

Galleries and artists are requested to list the basic price of the artwork. Framing and shipping are both variable costs which can change dependent on a number of factors. Therefore, the individual sellers are best equipped to estimate these costs when they have discussed their requirements directly with you. We encourage you to contact them by clicking the 'Contact Seller' button on artwork pages, provide your preferred shipping address, and request quotes.

I enquired about an artwork, but the seller responded saying that the work is unavailable. Why did this happen?

We encourage our partners to keep the inventory they list on ArtsHaus as up-to-date as possible. However, these updates are not automatic and it may take a few days to remove an artwork from our platform. If the work you inquired on is no longer available, we encourage you to ask the seller if they have other available work by the artist or, if not, to keep you informed should they acquire anything by the artist in the future.

I am hesitant to purchase an artwork 'sight unseen'. What guarantees or returns policy is in place?

For most people, arranging to view the artwork in person is the best way to really appreciate the artwork. Seeing and experiencing an artwork up close is often the decisive step in the acquisition process. However, when considering a purchase from a seller located halfway across the UK it can be difficult, if not impossible, to schedule a visit to view the work in person. We encourage buyers to ask sellers to provide hi-resolution, in situ images of artworks under consideration in order to get the best idea of its appearance. Buyers may also ask about the seller's policy regarding sending works out on loan for review prior to purchase. The return policy for an artwork is stipulated by the seller and must be discussed with them. ArtsHaus does not coordinate returns or refunds of any purchases made through the platform.

Why use ArtsHaus?

With ArtsHaus you can buy with confidence. We know that buying art can be a difficult process - how do you know where to buy from, what’s good value for money, or whether you’ve really found what’s right for you? Using ArtsHaus, you can feel assured that you have reviewed what’s on offer from a wide range of galleries and studios who offer great artwork for a fair price. Benefit from a powerful online search interface, but enjoy the flexibility of being able to view in person before you buy. You can even talk to us if you’re struggling to find what you want and we’ll do everything we can to help you find what’s right for you.

Does ArtsHaus make a commission?

ArtsHaus does make a commission on successful sales, however this not passed on to you in the prices you pay. From us or from the gallery directly the prices will be the same. We, however, can negotiate discounts on your behalf, sometimes meaning you get a more favourable price through ArtsHaus.


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