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We believe that art is an integral part of any home.

It is a unique expression of your personality, tastes and style and has the power to create and influence the whole ambience of your home.

Because of its importance, finding the right piece of artwork can be quite a challenge. However, it's a challenge we are keen and capable to help you with!

We can help you define and articulate your desires, and ultimately navigate the contemporary art market. Embark on an exciting journey of discovery with us as your guide, as we work with you to find artwork tailored to your style and tastes.


We spend our time scouring the country for gallery quality artworks, by both contemporary emerging and established artists.

Thanks to our connections with an extensive network of artists and galleries, you will be continuously surprised and delighted by the wide selection of artwork available to suit any budget.

Ultimately you can feel confident that you're in safe hands knowing you are conversing with passionate, knowledgeable individuals, who understand art history, curating and interior design, or are even practicing artists themselves!

Rest assured at no point will you feel pressured to buy; we have a love for art we simply wish to share.

1) Consultation - Your personality is at the heart of this journey. Therefore, merely getting to know you is the first step in this experience. Beginning with a casual conversation, we will form an understanding of your interests, motivations and inspirations whilst taking into consideration your current décor and how much you’d like to invest. 2) Fine Tuning - After absorbing the information you shared about yourself, and scouring the market, we will present you with a collection of artworks, tailored specifically to your desires. Your feedback will allow us to refine and improve our suggestions until we perfect a selection bespoke to your wishes. 3) Fulfillment. - As promised, we will be with you throughout your entire journey. If you’re already sold on the work we can support your online purchase. Alternatively we can prepare an exciting day of viewings just for you so you are able to see the artworks in person and get a true feel for their beauty. Our relationship with galleries allows us to pre arrange meetings; simply arrange a phone call or even coordinate a potential home visit.

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