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5 Easy Ways to Incorporate Art into Your Bathroom

Botanical Prints In Bathroom

Georgia-SS-Avatar-Circular.jpg#asset:132161:icon114 By Georgina Savery-Smith | 4 min read

Perhaps not the first room which comes to mind as a destination for art, but the bathroom is a space which offers a prime opportunity to display your artwork.

The bathroom is an area of your home that you and your guests see and regularly use, and yet it can often be an uninspiring space! Why not Inject some colour and some intrigue with the addition of artwork!?

Here's a look at 5 different ways to style your bathroom and elevate it from functional to beautiful.

1) The Single Statement Piece

Photo Credit: One Kings Lane

Photography makes for a great choice in the bathroom, due to its clean, crisp and minimal look. Not only that, but the fact its professionally sealed and framed will ensure practicality.

Choose monochrome photographs in a white bathroom for a classy, boutique-style look which will stand the test of time.

Image Credit: Decor Pad

Large abstract pieces also make for a great centrepiece in a more contemporary bathroom.

If you're struggling to stick to a theme or are finding choosing an appropriate subject difficult, abstract art offers a more straight forward approach. Simply tie the artwork in with similar colours already found within the room to uplift your space.

Look for flowing shapes and calming colours to create an atmosphere which is restive and easy on the eye.

Image Credit: Kara Theresea

Another option for creating a tranquil and calming space is to opt for a seascape or landscape as your focal point. The bathroom above illustrates how a serene seascape can be there perfect compliment to an all white bathroom.

Although traditional, this is a timeless choice for the bathroom and will bring you a sense of escapism whilst you soak in the bath after a long day.

2) A Series of Prints

Image Credit: Home Bunch

Incoporating a pair, or trio of prints from the same artist will help to create a sense of symmetry and balance. Whether stacked in columns, or side by side you can increase the impact of this look by closely hanging the artwork.

Complimenting your chosen prints with other decorative items in the room makes for subtle harmonies. See the way these two prints pick up the tones and patterns found in this rug for example.

Image Credit: Decor pad

It might not always be possible to hang your chosen artworks in the bathroom; so shelves, window sills and ledges provide an alternative spot for you to create a layered effect with your favourite peices.

Placing artwork off-centre works particularly well with a variety of different sized prints and will bring an element of spontaniety to an otherwise minimalistic space.

Nature inspired or botanical themed prints are increasingly popular and will give your bathroom an instant update whilst keeping the room looking bright, fresh and airy.

3) Little Gems

Image Credit: Design Sponge

Art doesnt have to be big to be beautiful, and unless you're very lucky it is quite probable that you will be restricted for space in the bathroom.

Look for small pieces with plenty of impact because of strong colour, simple lines or intriguing subjects. You'll definitely catch the eye of any guests with your bold choices and it makes for a great talking point.

Image Credit: The Gold Hive

Nude artworks have a slightly cheeky aspect to them and are a highly appropriate choice for the room which you bathe in. You may also find that the nude subject further enhances the feelings of intimacy brought by works of a smaller size.

Image Credit: Decor demon

Don't be afraid to experiment with personal items you already have. Anything can be considered art - whether that's old album covers or vintage posters, getting these framed can elevate the look and feel to actually create quite a quirky and sophisticated appearance, especially on dark walls.

4) The Gallery Wall

Image Credit: Better Homes & Gardens

Great for the hoarders of the world, gallery walls are fantastic for injecting life into your space, and there is no reason why they can't be used in the bathroom.

If you're dealing with a smaller room, work vertically to make sure you are making the most out of your space.

Image Credit: Habitually Chic

Maintain a refined look by sticking to frames of the same colour against a neutral toned wall; or, make a statement by integrating frames of different colour, size and style as illustrated in the bathroom above.

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5) Sculptural Statements

We shouldn't just think about 2D wall art when there is a whole plethora of sculpture, ceramics and glassware to choose from! Why not look for a stand alone piece which will offer a more unique and decadent look to your bathroom.

Image Credit: Pottery Barn

Sculptural peices do require more thought (and a bit more space) than simply hanging a painting, however if executed in the right way a sculpture can be an incredibly sophisticated addition to your bathroom.

Finding room for a piece as large as the below can be a bit of a challenge, but try to utilise ledges or create shelving to raise your peice of the ground so it can be enjoyed at eye level.

Image Credit: House & Home