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Luxury styling without the price tag: Art for Interiors

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Melissa-Galley-Avatar-Profile-Pic.jpg#asset:26753:icon114By Chelsea Moore I 4 min read

We've been keeping an eye on some of the latest interior design trends hitting the market and a paired back luxury style is definitely in vogue at the moment.

Creating this style involves attention to detail in the furnishings but also in the features, and there's no better feature than a stunning piece of artwork! That's why I've been keeping my eyes peeled for some feature artwork which could really add a bit of wow factor, but without the price tag!

In keeping with the two different approaches to contemporary luxury styling, you'll find two art collections matched with these different styles; all containing original artwork which provide great value for money.

The Look: Dark Arcadia

dark-interior Katrina Burroughs

Image source: Katrina Burroughs, October 29 2017, The Sunday Times

First up is the intense 'Dark Arcadia' style. There's been a bit of a revolt against the Scandinavians of late... and by that, I mean in the interior design world.

Cool, calm minimalism was all the rage last year, but now we're seeing a lot more dark woods, textured surfaces and bold, rich colour pigments. This new trend of 'maximalism' is a sure way to give your home a sense of comfortable luxury and elegance.

With this switch comes the opportunity to create a bit of drama and grandeur. Below you'll find the stunning large-scale abstract painting by Georgia Noble.

Georgia Noble - Trick or Treat - Oil Painting (90cm W X 80cm H)

It has warm rich colours which could well provide the perfect focal point for any maximalist home interior. Georgia is a young graduate of Manchester's Art School, but she's already attracted collectors from around Europe, the US, Canada and Australia been selected for a number of prizes and publications, including Saatchi’s “Invest In Art” - which features some of the most outstanding emerging artists worldwide.

The striking red is a perfect compliment to dark feature walls or wood panelling and also offers a strong backdrop for any accent colours in soft furnishings and decorative items (brass or nickel accessories for example could add a fantastic industrial aesthetic). It's the highest price item in our collection, but comes from an artist that is very much in demand.

If this contemporary trend is something you'd like to emulate in your home, other statement pieces with warm pigments and richer velvety tones can be found below:

View Gallery
Id Red Art Black Wall Office An idea of the style in situ

Steve Bewsher Whitworth Street West At Night Steven Bewsher - Whitworth Street West at Night

Oil Painting (50cm W x 40cm H ) Price: £750

Kjeld Jensen Untitled 1959 Kjeld Jensen - Untitled (1959)

Oil Painting (98cm W x 79cm H) - Price £1350)

Lr 41613 Dartmoor 56X61 C2 A31600 Mary Pym - Dartmoor

Oil Painting (56cm W x 57cm H) - Price £1750

Nows Future Deborah Grice - Nows Future

Oil Painting (65cm W x 50cm H x 5cm D) Price: £850

Colin Park Head 2015 4 Medium Colin Park - Head 2015 (4)

Oil Painting (67cm W x 60cm H) - Price £800

Clayton And Fogarty South Transept Medium Clayton & Foggarty - South Transept

Oil Painting (76cm W x 76cm H ) Price: £850

Dante Ruben - Woman Carrying Pot Dante Ruben - Woman Carrying Pot

Oil Painting (58cm W x 68cm H) - Price £1800

The Look: Earthy Neutrals & Royal Highlights


Image source: Caroline Picard and Lauren Smith, Jan 18, 2018, HouseBeautiful

If a dark colour scheme isn't for you, an alternative look involves layering richer colours (royal blue, jade green, mustard, burnt oranges) on top of earthy neutrals such as slate, olive and sage creating a fresh, clean and rejuvenated feel to your home. The above image gives you an idea of the look - where the interior designer Robin Henry has layered pops of rich colour on top of a neutral base layer.

The below piece by Tatyana Abramova was chosen by us for its neutral colour palette of greens and greys with the small pop of pinky red. Tatyana is inspired by contemporary minimalism, and American Abstract art and had her first solo exhibition in 2013 in Moscow. Since then she has exhibited around Europe, including in the Fourth Edition of the prestigious ‘Royal Arts Prize Exhibition’ at La Galleria Pall Mall, London.

This painting has great depth, whilst the expressive brush strokes create natural lines and forms through the use of watercolour paint. It's perfect as a standalone purchase, (it really is a a steal!), or due to its size, it could work well as part of a gallery wall together with similarly toned paintings or drawings creating a splash of rich green on top of a cream colour palette.

If your home is a neutral beauty and you're interested in giving it a pop of colour, below are some more suggestions in a variety of sizes:

View Gallery
Mountain Tatyana Abromova - On Top of the Mountain

Watercolour (26cm W x 36cm H) Price: £200

Id Earthy Neutral And Royal Highlights In Situ styling

White Cliffs Rachael Walker - White Cliffs

Mixed Media Painting (100cm W x 50cm H) Price: £295

Che Finch - Marks of Remembrance I Che Finch - Marks of Remembrance I

Ceramic (23cm W x 32cm H) - Price £650

Gathering Martyn Lucas - Gathering

Pastel on Watercolour (80cm W x 60cm H x 3cm D) Price: £475

Nick Coley Forest Dancers I Nick Coley - Forest Dancers I

Mixed Media (54cm W x 90cm H) - Price £1,800

Steve Capper Green Valley Steve Capper - Green Valley

Acrylic Painting (40cm W x 50cm H) - Price £1,100

Cerebal Landscape Petra Lea - Cerebral Landscape

Acrylic Painting (90cm W x 90cm H) Price: £950

The Difficulty Of Landscape Martyn Lucas - The Difficulty of Landscape (Grey)

Watercolour and pastel on paper (64cm W x 44cm H) Price: £390

Ian Hertslet - Eastern Transvaal Ian Hertslet - Eastern Transvaal

Oil Painting (60cm W x 60cm H) Price £1,000

Reclaim the home - josie jenkins Josie Jenkins - Reclaim the Home

Oil on Board (30cm W x 23cm H) - Price £600

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