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Why art is a great wedding gift to give and how to choose it

Woman Hanging Up Framed Artwork

Emily-Downes-Avatar-Profile-Pic.jpg#asset:31093:icon114 By Faye Hamblett-Jones I 4 minute read

For wedding guests struggling to find a present that is unique, personal and stands the test of time – why not give the gift of art!?

Original artwork is the perfect way to say congratulations to a newly married couple. It’s a unique gift that stands the test of time, that can be carried with them though their new life together, symbolising and commemorating their bond.

Whilst they may forget who gave them the bread maker or the towel set, a piece of art is a memorable present which can bring joy and beauty into their home every single day.

Artist: Lee Acaster - Artwork - Fold - View all Photography

Here’s just a couple of reasons why we think art is a great gift to give:

It’s personal & thoughtful

  • Giving the gift of art requires a certain emotional connection with the person you're buying for; but choosing something they love demonstrates just how well you understand them as a person - their tastes, their likes and dislikes, their style and more. There are few gifts you can give that show the same level of thoughtfulness and consideration as a piece of hand selected art.

It’s unique and long-lasting (hopefully like their marriage!)

  • An original artwork has a durability, which many modern commodities just can’t match. Your gift will be a part of the new couple’s home for years to come as it’s personality, longevity and versatility make it the perfect companion as they progress through life. By giving a unique artwork as a wedding present you can commemorate their special day through an item that is truly one-of-a-kind, which no other couple has!

It supports artisans and small businesses

  • By purchasing paintings, prints, sculpture or ceramics you’ll be supporting independent artists and small galleries, where that money really matters. You can have confidence that your purchase is helping real, working artists and those who facilitate their practise rather than large corporates.
Artist: Ashley Cook - Artwork - Finding your place in this world - Check out more Limited Edition Prints

But how to choose?

We know it can be hard picking out such a personal gift for a couple, therefore we’ve put together some helpful tips which can inform your decision making.

What personal style, hobbies or interests do they have?

Take a moment to consider what you know about the couple – what they like doing with their spare time, are they quite quirky or more what their upbringing was, what shops they like to buy from.

Perhaps an avid traveller would love a photograph of a city they've travelled to, or an artwork by an artist based in their favourite country. Seascapes might be great for those who like to spend time by the coast, whilst pop art prints might interest the culture buffs.

Trio of Sian McGill Paintings depicting the Welsh Coast
How is their current home decorated?

Make note of their current interior decor. What styles do they gravitate towards – are they into their vintage or chic modern. Try to fit with their current décor scheme, e.g. modern or colourful prints might not be the best match for a more traditional house, whilst classic still life's might look a little out of place in a scandi-minimalist style flat.

Keep an eye out for blank wall space where your potential gift could fit in. A large piece might be great for a housewarming gift, but if your recipient is short on wall-space, a small lovingly framed print or painting can have just the same impact. Look for colours in their fittings or furnishing that could work well with your choice of artwork.

Don’t feel you have to play it too safe though! If you know the couple are looking to work on their home, your selection of artwork could provide much needed inspiration for a home interior revamp!

Artist - Horace Panter - Artwork Dennis - Check out all Pop Art
What artwork, prints or posters do they already own?

Look out for artworks they already own or decorative pieces that the couple have incorporated into their current home. Is there a particular style they gravitate towards – is it more modern or more classic? Perhaps they like abstract artwork or nature themed pieces.

Listen out for artists or photographers that they like to get an idea of what art really appeals to them. You might not be able to afford a Monet, but knowing this you may know they like ‘impressionist’ style artwork. By doing a little bit of detective work, you’ll soon be able to figure out what type of artwork you’re looking for.

Oh and don’t overlook the likes of glassware, ceramics or sculpture! They can make for fantastic affordable gifts.

Handblown glassware ‘Cascade series’ by Peter Layton